Ditch your financial advisor

We have all had to cut out some middle men during this lock down. I think my hair is evidence of that! And that got me thinking….why do most folks pay for a financial advisor and fund managers to handle their investments? Surely it’s better to invest in yourself rather than paying someone else.

And that’s before we even consider the additional risk that comes with relying on someone else. Just ask Neil Woodford’s investors…

Check out my thoughts in this video.

Here at FIRE Revolution we are great believers in empowering individuals to make their own investment decisions. Contrary to popular belief, your financial advisor does not have any great insight into which funds are going to shoot up in value. How can she? Unless, they are blessed with being able to predict the future they have no more ability to make the right choices than my dog.

So, why not take care of your investment decisions yourself. Its really not that complicated. Especially when we can teach you an approach that does not rely on a crystal ball to make money. We do not rely on a share or fund going up in value to make a profit. We base our investments on something far more predictable; the passage of time.

And if you do it yourself then there are no fees to pay to an IFA or fund manager. A few percent here and there might not sound  a lot but add it up over several decades and you could easily be giving up half of your hard-earned pot in fees to middle men.

Check out the basis of our approach here 

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