Now, that’s a title that I never expected to see myself typing.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start getting all political. There’s enough of that in the mainstream media as it is and asking someone about their thoughts on Brexit is right up there with asking them their opinion on anti-vaxxers. Dangerous territory.

So, what am I referring to?

You may have noticed that the US market has had a pretty torrid time of it over the last month. All their major indices sold-off quite badly on the back of fears about increases in interest rates and the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.

But in sharp contrast, our home FTSE 100 index has proven to be far more robust over the same period and that is very reassuring for UK based investors.

The reason is that the UK market is currently very cheap in comparison to our global peers. Our home market trades on just 14X expected 2022 earnings, which compares favourably to 16X in the Eurozone, and very favourably to the US which is trading on 21X.  And if a market is already cheap, it can better handle the inevitable bumps in the road, as has just been demonstrated.

And of course, that also means that it has a lot further to rise when the going gets smoother.

Part of the reason for this greater resilience is that the UK market is heavily influenced by big boring unfashionable blue-chip financial and commodity-type stocks. We are lacking any of the flashy growth and meme stocks that the US market has. That’s a good thing in the long term.

But there is also another reason…

The Brexit Discount

After the referendum in June 2016, the valuation of the UK stock market disconnected itself from other major markets around the world and the discount has been growing ever since.  Essentially, foreign investors did not want to deal with our new status and avoided investing in the UK market. So, as markets in the US soared, we were left behind.

But, as recent events have shown, a rotation into value stocks means our market will not stay this cheap for long. With Brexit pretty much done and dusted and the pandemic hopefully on the wane, our cheap market could well be about to get a whole lot more fashionable.

And so, as UK-based investors, this could be a great time to load up on many of the stocks that call the FTSE 100 home.

Big Boring Blue-Chips

Now of course you could simply go out and buy a selection of these big boring blue-chip stocks, wait for the market to move upwards, and collect the dividends whilst you wait. But the great news for FIRE Revolution afficionados is that these dividend-yielding behemoths are exactly the type of blue-chips we target for use with the strategy. So, by employing the sort of techniques that we use at FIRE Revolution you can really supercharge the income and lower the risk even further.

FIRE Revolution uses ‘buy low contracts’ to give ourselves the chance to pick up our preferred stocks at a lower price than they are currently changing hands for and get paid a decent premium whilst we wait. So, you can buy lower-risk stocks, in a cheap stock market, at a price that is lower than they are currently trading at and get paid for the privilege.

Almost 200 regular investors — just like you — have now gone through our training programme and have learned exactly how to use ‘buy low contracts’ and their close cousins, ‘sell high contracts’ to generate up to four different income streams from every stock. And I think it’s safe to say we have produced plenty of happy and enlightened converts.

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