You don’t need me to tell you that the most important thing to be focusing on at the moment is the health and well being of yourselves, your loved ones and the most vulnerable in society.

But, you also need to be thinking about your financial future. And that could well mean getting yourself into a position to take advantage of the recovery in the stock market when it inevitably comes.

At FIRE Revolution we run self-paced group coaching programmes that teach our clients a reduced-risk income-based approach to investing in the markets. The content is entirely online, and we supplement it with weekly video conferences, expert support and a growing community of like-minded investors.

So, if you are finding yourself with a lot more spare time than you anticipated at the moment and you’d like to learn the investing skills required for your future financial success, then please get in touch or jump on the website for some free training.

If you like what you see, you could be up and running on the programme within a few days. Stay safe.