I’d like to invite you to my first LIVE webinar.

In this era of virtually zero interest rates, failing peer-to-peer companies and over-the-top Buy-To-Let bureaucracy, where is an income-seeking investor supposed to look?

Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed that stock markets around the world are on a tear, and you may even be aware that the UK’s FTSE 100 is still one of the cheapest around. Indeed, it is being touted as the next big investment in many quarters.

But, you may well be nervous of diving in at the moment. I get it.

What if I could show you a lower-risk way to invest in some of the biggest most boring stocks in the world whilst generating a substantial dividend-like income in the process. Would that be of interest?

If it is, then I invite you to join me next Wednesday lunchtime as I demonstrate the FIRE Revolution investment strategy live on the FTSE 100.

In fact, if you have a specific stock that you’d like me to use, then I’m more than happy to have a look at the options available at that point in the market.

To register for the webinar please click on this link: Live demo webinar

I hope to see you there.