What’s the best form of marketing for a small business?

Google Ads? Facebook? LinkedIn?

Well, they all have their place, but for my money, the best form of marketing you can have is “word of mouth” recommendations from happy clients.
If your service or product results in delighted clients and those clients start to tell their friends and colleagues about it, you should have a business with a solid growth trajectory.

So, yesterday I was delighted to receive an email from a FIRE Revolution graduate that he had just sent to a friend recommending they sign up for the programme.
After saying some very nice things about the course — thanks Duncan — he gets straight to the money:

“Bottom line? – well there are two. Firstly after 82 days running my live GBP account with an average deposit of £11,098 I’ve banked £1,504 and counting. After 37 days running my live USD account with an average deposit of $8,271 I’ve banked $2,207 and locked in another $400 not yet settled. The better US results are from dealing weekly rather than monthly. These average deposits include “idle money” so I probably could have done more, but I’m still taking baby steps and with these results I’m not complaining. Secondly, and perhaps more important I now have and am using the tools to deal with markets going up, down and sideways – I no longer have to worry or use a crystal ball, though I may still have to refer back to the manual :).”

If you are impressed with these sorts of returns, then we offer both Group Coaching and On Demand training programmes.

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