The FIRE Revolution Training Programme

Our educational programme and support are second to none.

Here is a breakdown of exactly what you get when you enrol:

  • Unlimited access to all the videos, notes, tools, downloads and quizzes
  • 25+ advanced modules once you have mastered the basic strategy
  • A full set of revision modules to help really cement the concepts
  • 6 months of fortnightly Q&A Zoom sessions with me and a small group of fellow students
  • Unlimited support via our dedicated Slack channel 
  • Membership of the HQ community forum
  • One-to-One Phone support including an initial free consultation
  • 350-page PDF download of all the programme notes
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee within the 14-day cooling-off period

Price: £3,250 (including VAT)

I have a big problem with the way most people are conditioned to think about investing. The media — and most so-called experts — continue to push the view that the only way to make money on shares, is when they go up in value. 


All an investor has to do is consult charts, pore over the investment bulletin boards, watch CNBC 24-hours a day, follow the latest guru, or even study tea leaves… and shortly they will be rich.


But this approach is never going to work consistently. Why? Because it requires somebody to predict the future. And that’s impossible. In reality, folks are simply strapping themselves into a roller coaster and hoping for the best. 


Talk about stressful, risky, unpredictable, and ultimately unsuitable as a strategy for generating income from the stock market.


There is a far better approach…enrol now and learn exactly how it works.

Some Recent Comments From Our Clients:

  • This course is the best course I have done in finance and will certainly give me a great way to make money. I wish I knew how to do this type of investing years ago.
  • This course is the perfect answer to low interest rates.
  • I thought the course was fantastic especially for a beginner like myself...
  • The course is amazing value for money considering the expertise and time it must take in putting well structured content like this together.
  • This is the best financial investing course that I have done.
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