Roller Coaster

Are you still buying your shares the old way? You know the version where you pay full price, strap yourself into the roller coaster and hang on for dear life. If so, you might want to check out my latest free stock market course about a whole new way of investing in shares. It includes real time examples of selling covered calls and cash secured puts.

Trust me, you will never go back to ‘Buy and Hope’ again.

Free stock market course

You can access the free stock market course here.

So, what exactly am I going to tell you about in this training?

Well, if you talk to most folks about investing in the stock market they assume that you are talking about buying shares. The idea is that you can somehow predict the future of a particular stock. You jump in, buy as many as you can afford and then hope it goes up in value.

It sounds so easy and seductive. But as anyone that has tried this more than a few times it is far from easy. In fact I’d say it is impossible to repeat on a regular basis. Whys that? Simply because you cannot predict the future!

But there is another way and that’s what we talk about on the free stock market course video. It involves relying on the far more predictable phenomenon of the the passage of time.

Instead of simply buying shares that we are interested in we sell cash-secured puts. That gives us the opportunity to buy the shares cheaper than they are currently trading for. And importantly, we get paid whilst we wait.

Once we own the shares we sell covered calls on them. They give us the opportunity to sell our shares for a pre defined profit. And get paid whilst we wait.

Sound good? Check out the free stock market course here.

Third Friday Ltd are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the FIRE Revolution training programme is purely educational in nature. Under no circumstances do we provide any financial trading or investment advice. Any examples used are for educational purposes only and should never be construed as advice. We accept no responsibility for any investment losses you may incur. Please consult a financial advisor or other qualified professional if you are in any doubt as to the suitability of the strategies we teach.