Income Investing for dogs

A potential client of mine was recently telling me that they were very interested in income investing. And specifically, the FIRE Revolution strategy for generating outsize income. But much of the terminology was putting him off. So, whilst on my dog walk this morning, I thought I’d put together a very short video to explain the concept with as little jargon as possible…

Income investing simply refers to a style of investing. Your primary goal is to take a lump sum and invest it so that it generates an income. That’s a different goal to the more traditional approach of investing. There you are simply aiming for the investment to go up in value. I appreciate that is a subtle difference but it is important and it is especially relevant to folks that have a nest egg to invest.

They are not necessarily looking for any great gains in the capital. Instead they would like to be able to use that nest egg to spin off regular small payments that they can live on. Examples would be rent from property investments, interest on bank accounts, dividend payments from shares and option premiums from selling calls and puts.

If you want to understand more about the FIRE Revolution approach to income investing, you can get the low-down here.  Better yet get in touch and we can have a chat.

Take a look at these 3 short videos where I answer the top 10 FAQs about the programme.

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