It’s always good to hear other folks opinions before you buy. So, here are a few comments to whet your appetite:

I came to the Fire Revoluton with a little experience of buying and holding shares and some theorietical knowledge of options. I had been looking for a way to develop an income from the stock market and could never quite see how trying to guess the direction would work – and mostly it didn’t for me!!

I spoke to Greg in the early stages, looked through the course outline and it joined a number of pieces together for me. We have just completed the main course this week and Greg’s approach to teaching, the materials and presentation had been excellent. His style is very relaxed and he has supported all our group through the modules with great patience.

As we have just seen, the stock market can be volatile and we have just experienced the biggest market crash in years. The approaches we have learnt remain valid and Greg’s support will be invaluable going forward as I start my journey.

Mark R.

Greg is a natural teacher who adapts his presentation to each student. He distils the essence of a potentially complex subject into specific actions with a clear rationale. He brings value to any level of investing experience; instead of throwing me a fish he has taught me to fish. I feel lucky to have found Greg and will look no further.

Duncan F.

Greg is clearly an expert in his field and knows his stuff, he has a unique style which makes, what can seem initially daunting topics, straightforward, logical and easy to understand.

As a complete novice in shares, investment strategies and options trading it would be easy to feel out of your depth but Greg manages to create a learning environment to suit all levels of experience. If some concepts don’t quite click first or second time he always finds a ways of explaining things to ensure everyone understands (and there is never a dumb question on our weekly sessions).

The Fire revolution course and strategy gives beginners access to low risk, high yielding investment strategies that you would assume are inaccessible to ‘Joe public’ and could only be used by trading experts and professionals!

The course is amazing value for money considering the expertise and time it must take in putting well structured content like this together.

You can tell Greg genuinely enjoys and is passionate about teaching and makes the different topics and weekly sessions fun and engaging.

I’m excited to build up my portfolio of investments using the strategy and techniques I’ve learnt – I’m confident it will pay dividends many times over and set us up for the future.

Alex W.

Greg has a friendly and engaging way of presenting the information to make it understandable to an audience that has a knowledge base ranging from beginnner to those more experienced. Due to the well constructed course content the FIRE revolution process is straightforward to follow and more importantly you are guided through the course at a speed that is appropriate to your base level of knowledge, your speed of learning and your time available to give to the course.

I have enjoyed the course very much, I now know a lot more about an area that I had previously found difficult to understand and that is thanks to Greg.

Ian G.

I’ve worked closely with Greg for several years and have always been impressed with his ideas for squeezing extra income from investments. However, not only does he have the expertise, he also has the rare ability to clearly communicate with his subscribers. If it’s income you are after, then Greg is your man.

Simon from Lewes

Just a quick message to say I really enjoyed the first meeting and the material covered in wk1; I am excited about the course. I am really impressed with the quality of the material and delivery as the course has begun and it’s filled me with enthusiasm for the weeks ahead.
I am going to have to work hard to set aside the time each week to study the material, earlier mornings or later nights !

Mat B.

This is the best financial investing course that I have done. The 13 weeks of video tutorials are well put together, and backed up with a weekly webinar to follow up. At the end of the course you can continue the ‘experience’ with collective trading ideas and suggestions from Greg (Fire Revolution) and other members who have completed the course. With the knowledge you learn, and the continued support from Greg, I feel this is a fairly priced course and has left me with a exciting investment skill for life. If you are looking for a interesting and long term approach to investing your money yourself then I highly recommend Fire Revolution.

Jerry H - Bristol

Good morning Greg, just an update, you were spot on, this weeks learning was quite intense until it all finally clicked. Had to take the quiz 3 times until I got full marks. Quiz was a great way of finding out if I had just listened and read the topics or actually understood them. Now all set to continue the learning and keep progressing. Am really enjoying this programme. Speak Wednesday.

Kevin B.

I had been a subscriber of Greg’s newsletters before and knew how down to earth and sensible he was about the subject of  investing. This course is the perfect answer to low interest rates. It was an enjoyable and very instructive training in how to trade Options sensibly. A complex subject made simple with the training delivered in a very warm and understanding manner. Highly recommended. This filled an obvious gap for me between trading and investing.

Maurice D.

I thought the course was fantastic especially for a beginner like myself in this type of specialist options trading, every aspect of what we needed to know was covered in detail within the course, with any areas of uncertainty that needed clarifying being fully supported by Greg either by e-mail, text, phone or via the Slack platform, you could not go wrong.

For anyone being a buyer and holder of shares, this course is a no brainer, allowing you to fully optimise and hedge your share and future share holdings, I wish I had found this course years ago.

Trevor H.

Greg specialises in finding ways to improve your income. But he also adds an extra dimension – the use of option strategies to boost your returns. Even better, he’ll explain how his methodology works in easy-to-understand terms.

David Stevenson

I probably lost more money than I gained as tried to follow the next big thing according to so-called experts. But then, several years ago, I came across Greg’s newsletter around trading stock options – I haven’t looked back. Trading stock options isn’t as scary as people would have you believe especially if you follow Greg’s easy to read explanations. I can testify that I have emailed Greg several times and he replies promptly with words of wisdom and explanation to the most inane of questions. His emails are, like his instructions, written in a clear, unambiguous style that give you the confidence to follow his investment strategy.

Malcom W.

I had the pleasure of working with Greg when I was editor of the Daily Reckoning. He has that rare ability to take something complex like options trading and explain it in a way that just makes sense. That’s the mark of a true expert. If your goal is to master options, your understanding will accelerate rapidly with Greg by your side, explaining what’s what in plain English. Just as you’d expect from a Yorkshireman.

Ben Traynor

Saw the ad on Facebook…. just another one telling me how I could make money – probably a scam – but there was something different, so I decided to have a closer look. It was about stocks and shares – not something I had any knowledge of really, but I was looking for a new direction and had a bit of money I wanted to invest so I signed up to get more info. I was sceptical at first, but Greg is genuine – what he told me he was offering has more than been delivered. The course does require you to learn new skills and that requires putting some hours in each week, but Greg will take his time to ensure everyone is happy with what they are being taught and able to put it into practice. I’ve recently finished the main 13 weeks and am now embarking on my new venture confident that I can be a success and also safe in the knowledge that Greg is still there to help and encourage me when required going forwards. The value of knowing that is just immense, especially in these uncertain times. The bottom line is that I can honestly recommend this course for anyone who seriously wants to get into this arena in a safe and secure way as possible. Basically, it works.

Alan S.

Thanks for the help yesterday, it was greatly appreciated and a relief to talk it through and get a solution. I wouldn’t have figured out the solution so quickly without your help and I am very appreciative. Just re-watched yesterday’s session to make sure I understood all points. Once again, thanks to all in the group for the assistance, much appreciated!


I found the fire revolution course to be well structured, in depth and suitable for those with no experience in stock options, or even shares in general. It teaches a very conservative strategy which is demonstrably lower risk than simply buying stocks. Although it would be possible to research and try it alone, I opted to sign up for the course, and I’m glad I did. The weekly meetups on zoom are valuable, with 8 or so other members, to go over the weeks’ material and anything any members are unsure about. Greg is very knowledgeable about everything surrounding the strategy, and any question he cannot answer immediately he will quickly find the answer to. After the initial course is completed there is additional material available to build upon the initial strategy, though the implementation of the methods in this material is optional, it is discussed in a further support period of weekly meetings. The group of past members to have completed the course, though still fairly small, is a valuable asset to have on the messaging service slack, allowing the transfer of ideas from different individuals. Overall, I’m pleased I chose to invest in this education and intend to continue to utilise the group resources to build on what I’ve learned.


Numbers are growing!! Great vibe on the message boards, really valuable everyone’s views. I’ve recommended a friend/family member, I hope they join on the next course.

Jerry H.

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