It’s always good to hear other folks opinions before you buy. So, here are a few comments to whet your appetite:

Virtually all of the money-making systems, schemes and methods I’ve tried previously have relied on you winning more than you lose. I’ve never been happy with any of them, because I’m not comfortable with losses, and I inevitably lost more than I won.

This is something different.  If you do make a loss (and it is possible), Greg’s system has a built-in methodology which enables you to recover your losses, break even or even finish up with a profit.

I have recommended this system to others; I have never recommended any of the others, not one.

Michael T.

I joined the course last year as I was looking at ways to increase my annual interest rate and be connected to the stock market initially thinking about covered calls. I saw Greg’s course introduction which suited my thoughts plus opened up a few more ideas for investment. The course and trading have been excellent giving me the knowledge to put on trades whereby I have moved a large proportion of my savings into it.  Using Greg’s basic core conservative strategy  I have made 17-20% so far this year making 25-30k.  Greg has been very open and honest with good quick, accurate, intelligent feedback,  if I wish to go for higher returns and increase my knowledge there is a pathway with fellow course investors who share ideas for everyone’s benefit. Looking long term and with the power of compound interest, it’s keeping me ahead of the daily cost of living and the ability to help others financially quite stress free.

Steve G.

Greg Robinson and the 5 stage FIRE Revolution he teaches, are for me the best thing since sliced bread so to speak. The training is extraordinary and detailed, the support is quick and helpful and Greg is seemingly always ready to help at the drop of a hat. The Zoom training calls, as well as the member’s forum, also opened up other views and ways in addition to the training supplied. Coming from South Africa has had challenges as the course is predominantly for UK-based investors, but Greg’s suggestions and way to go have helped tremendously to get set up. Best coaching & mentorship I have ever done and the only negative is that I wish I found this years ago. Instead of supplementing my retirement like now, I could have possibly retired many years ago and lived off the 5 stage revolution Greg teaches and applies himself.

Ken H.

I joined FIRE revolution strategy because the concept behind it made total sense – all the trading strategies I had tried previously had a flaw of some sort related to risk, time commitment or both, and this strategy gets around these, allowing me to make decisions and place trades in a leisurely and non-stressful way.

Greg’s explanations are clear and thorough making the course easy to understand, and the back-up support has been excellent. So far I’ve placed three trades, each bringing in between 16.9 and 20% annualised yield, and I don’t need to do anything with these for a couple of months.

John T.

This course is the best course I have done in finance and will certainly give me a great way to make money. I wish I knew how to do this type of investing years ago. The modules take the guess work out of investing and rewards even when the market go against the flow. I have already made some major money and increased my portfolio I cannot thank you enough.

What it means to me is another revenue stream to retire with.

Chris A.

I came to the Fire Revoluton with a little experience of buying and holding shares and some theorietical knowledge of options. I had been looking for a way to develop an income from the stock market and could never quite see how trying to guess the direction would work – and mostly it didn’t for me!!

I spoke to Greg in the early stages, looked through the course outline and it joined a number of pieces together for me. We have just completed the main course this week and Greg’s approach to teaching, the materials and presentation had been excellent. His style is very relaxed and he has supported all our group through the modules with great patience.

As we have just seen, the stock market can be volatile and we have just experienced the biggest market crash in years. The approaches we have learnt remain valid and Greg’s support will be invaluable going forward as I start my journey.

Mark R.

Greg is a natural teacher who adapts his presentation to each student. He distils the essence of a potentially complex subject into specific actions with a clear rationale. He brings value to any level of investing experience; instead of throwing me a fish he has taught me to fish. I feel lucky to have found Greg and will look no further.

Duncan F.

Greg is clearly an expert in his field and knows his stuff, he has a unique style which makes, what can seem initially daunting topics, straightforward, logical and easy to understand.

As a complete novice in shares, investment strategies and options trading it would be easy to feel out of your depth but Greg manages to create a learning environment to suit all levels of experience. If some concepts don’t quite click first or second time he always finds a ways of explaining things to ensure everyone understands (and there is never a dumb question on our weekly sessions).

The Fire revolution course and strategy gives beginners access to low risk, high yielding investment strategies that you would assume are inaccessible to ‘Joe public’ and could only be used by trading experts and professionals!

The course is amazing value for money considering the expertise and time it must take in putting well structured content like this together.

You can tell Greg genuinely enjoys and is passionate about teaching and makes the different topics and weekly sessions fun and engaging.

I’m excited to build up my portfolio of investments using the strategy and techniques I’ve learnt – I’m confident it will pay dividends many times over and set us up for the future.

Alex W.

Greg has a friendly and engaging way of presenting the information to make it understandable to an audience that has a knowledge base ranging from beginnner to those more experienced. Due to the well constructed course content the FIRE revolution process is straightforward to follow and more importantly you are guided through the course at a speed that is appropriate to your base level of knowledge, your speed of learning and your time available to give to the course.

I have enjoyed the course very much, I now know a lot more about an area that I had previously found difficult to understand and that is thanks to Greg.

Ian G.

I’ve worked closely with Greg for several years and have always been impressed with his ideas for squeezing extra income from investments. However, not only does he have the expertise, he also has the rare ability to clearly communicate with his subscribers. If it’s income you are after, then Greg is your man.

Simon P.

Just a quick message to say I really enjoyed the first meeting and the material covered in wk1; I am excited about the course. I am really impressed with the quality of the material and delivery as the course has begun and it’s filled me with enthusiasm for the weeks ahead.
I am going to have to work hard to set aside the time each week to study the material, earlier mornings or later nights !

Mat B.

This is the best financial investing course that I have done. The 13 weeks of video tutorials are well put together, and backed up with a weekly webinar to follow up. At the end of the course you can continue the ‘experience’ with collective trading ideas and suggestions from Greg (Fire Revolution) and other members who have completed the course. With the knowledge you learn, and the continued support from Greg, I feel this is a fairly priced course and has left me with a exciting investment skill for life. If you are looking for a interesting and long term approach to investing your money yourself then I highly recommend Fire Revolution.

Jerry H.

Good morning Greg, just an update, you were spot on, this weeks learning was quite intense until it all finally clicked. Had to take the quiz 3 times until I got full marks. Quiz was a great way of finding out if I had just listened and read the topics or actually understood them. Now all set to continue the learning and keep progressing. Am really enjoying this programme. Speak Wednesday.

Kevin B.

I have followed Greg’s newsletters in the past so when I found out about Fire Revolution I was very interested straight away as his investment ideas have always made compete sense to me.

It coincided with me analysing the wreckage on my pension after the crash in March –  which I pay 2% to the “professionals”  to manage for me .  To be honest i would have been better of contributing to a passive fund tracking the the FTSE !

I am now half way through the course, which is very well constructed and easy to follow.  Greg takes great care to en sure everyone fully understands current module before moving on to the next one.

I already have enough confidence to start making plans to manage my own pension fund and am now looking forward to my retirement and the additional income the Fire Revolution strategy will bring.

Andy G.

I joined the FIRE revolution back in January. Here are some of the things that have made me realise it was a good move to do so ….

The course is broken down into manageable weekly modules, with an assignment to help the learning sink in.

It’s not rocket science. I’m not fully conversant yet with all the intricacies, but far enough along that I could hit the ground running before I reached the end of the course.

The weekly zoom calls are very good for finding out how other course members have assimilated the learning, and to bounce ideas around.

The course is always available, allowing a recap at any time.

It’s possible to dry run a demo account, to get a feel for the process before going live with real money.

I’ve made nine trades already. It’s just a matter of diving in and getting used to turning the practice into reality.

The course is not cheap by any means, but you’ll  get what you pay for. Confidence builds as you develop your trade positions.

I have turned down plenty of other investment courses, but this is one I’m glad I went with.

Malcolm M.

When we entered the course we were educated in selling put and call options on dividend paying blue chip companies and it was a fantastic course.

Three to four months in, I tentatively  began to sell a couple of puts and subsequently picked up my first couple of premiums for doing so, all good, so I then confidently sold a few more puts (another 4 contracts in Feb with March, April, May & June exp dates) not knowing anything about what was going to happen to the worlds stock markets, this then became a true baptism of fire when Covid 19 struck, with all the shares being assigned and worth only half the value of our selling strike prices, bloody hell, what just happened and what now!!

This is where the strength of Greg’s excellent work and tuition truly came to the forefront as we worked on two excellent strategies to get us out of this unforeseen situation, one was to commence selling covered calls on the assigned shares and if not back to breakeven / profit on the first sold covered call, we would then roll the options prior to expiration and keep doing so until back in profit.

The second strategy (my preferred and used) was to sell puts with the view to getting assigned, this would then bring the overall average down of you entire share holding, and bring in big premiums to offset against the original share devaluations, to which, with the average price now reduced we in-turn could sell covered calls which would also bring in big premiums, this would enable us to get out of the over all campaign in profit.

This was the ultimate test of this Strategy and hopefully we are going to come out of it in profit. Thanks to Greg’s teachings I don’t think you will find any other System that could do this. I hope to continue using the system on into my retirement and latter years

Trev H.

Candlesticks, Fibonacci, Bollinger, words that conjure up visions of a romantic dinner for two. Think again. These are  the bread and butter of technical analysis in the world of trading. Welcome to the Fire Revolution.

When I came to the course the full extent of my investing experience was buying and selling stocks in an ISA. After 13 hugely enjoyable weeks of approximately one hour weekly meetings with Greg, I now have sufficient  knowledge and more importantly the confidence to trade options using the unique investing strategy devised by him.

The online material provided by Greg is comprehensive, concise, never boring and always relevant to the issues at hand. Greg is undoubtedly an expert in his field and he combines knowledge with a wonderful gifting as a teacher. His style is informal and he always goes the extra mile to ensure that no participant is left behind.  Greg is a thoroughly decent chap to boot. I am now looking forward to many years of successful investing using the Fire Revolution.

Sam W.

I contacted Greg to learn more about trading and investing. I was a complete novice and imagined something from the movies. Instead what I learned is that investing is an intellectual challenge. It’s not about risk and leverage but about choice and control. Greg explains all elements of understanding the market and making money safely. If you are looking to grow a pot of money or simply want to learn how the markets work then Greg is great. Structured, accessible, and paced to ensure understanding the programme is a great way to learn.

Chris W.

I have now been on the course for 3 months. There is no doubt that an enormous amount of effort has been put into making it. There are degrees of complexity as to how far you want to proceed, however, the basic form is one that clearly gives a very useful return. It does require you to put in some effort but when you find the answers the waters quickly clear. This course gives you everything you require to trade options. The backup from Greg is superb and you will get answers very quickly to any question you put to him. Furthermore, you have the facility to converse with all other members for as long as you wish. No good course is ever cheap, but so far I have no regrets in having bought it.

David H.

I had been a subscriber of Greg’s newsletters before and knew how down to earth and sensible he was about the subject of  investing. This course is the perfect answer to low interest rates. It was an enjoyable and very instructive training in how to trade Options sensibly. A complex subject made simple with the training delivered in a very warm and understanding manner. Highly recommended. This filled an obvious gap for me between trading and investing.

Maurice D.

I thought the course was fantastic especially for a beginner like myself in this type of specialist options trading, every aspect of what we needed to know was covered in detail within the course, with any areas of uncertainty that needed clarifying being fully supported by Greg either by e-mail, text, phone or via the Slack platform, you could not go wrong.

For anyone being a buyer and holder of shares, this course is a no brainer, allowing you to fully optimise and hedge your share and future share holdings, I wish I had found this course years ago.

Trevor H.

Greg specialises in finding ways to improve your income. But he also adds an extra dimension – the use of option strategies to boost your returns. Even better, he’ll explain how his methodology works in easy-to-understand terms.

David S.

I probably lost more money than I gained as tried to follow the next big thing according to so-called experts. But then, several years ago, I came across Greg’s newsletter around trading stock options – I haven’t looked back. Trading stock options isn’t as scary as people would have you believe especially if you follow Greg’s easy to read explanations. I can testify that I have emailed Greg several times and he replies promptly with words of wisdom and explanation to the most inane of questions. His emails are, like his instructions, written in a clear, unambiguous style that give you the confidence to follow his investment strategy.

Malcom W.

I had the pleasure of working with Greg when I was editor of the Daily Reckoning. He has that rare ability to take something complex like options trading and explain it in a way that just makes sense. That’s the mark of a true expert. If your goal is to master options, your understanding will accelerate rapidly with Greg by your side, explaining what’s what in plain English. Just as you’d expect from a Yorkshireman.

Ben T.

Saw the ad on Facebook…. just another one telling me how I could make money – probably a scam – but there was something different, so I decided to have a closer look. It was about stocks and shares – not something I had any knowledge of really, but I was looking for a new direction and had a bit of money I wanted to invest so I signed up to get more info. I was sceptical at first, but Greg is genuine – what he told me he was offering has more than been delivered. The course does require you to learn new skills and that requires putting some hours in each week, but Greg will take his time to ensure everyone is happy with what they are being taught and able to put it into practice. I’ve recently finished the main 13 weeks and am now embarking on my new venture confident that I can be a success and also safe in the knowledge that Greg is still there to help and encourage me when required going forwards. The value of knowing that is just immense, especially in these uncertain times. The bottom line is that I can honestly recommend this course for anyone who seriously wants to get into this arena in a safe and secure way as possible. Basically, it works.

Alan S.

Thanks for the help yesterday, it was greatly appreciated and a relief to talk it through and get a solution. I wouldn’t have figured out the solution so quickly without your help and I am very appreciative. Just re-watched yesterday’s session to make sure I understood all points. Once again, thanks to all in the group for the assistance, much appreciated!

Ian G.

I found the fire revolution course to be well structured, in depth and suitable for those with no experience in stock options, or even shares in general. It teaches a very conservative strategy which is demonstrably lower risk than simply buying stocks. Although it would be possible to research and try it alone, I opted to sign up for the course, and I’m glad I did. The weekly meetups on zoom are valuable, with 8 or so other members, to go over the weeks’ material and anything any members are unsure about. Greg is very knowledgeable about everything surrounding the strategy, and any question he cannot answer immediately he will quickly find the answer to. After the initial course is completed there is additional material available to build upon the initial strategy, though the implementation of the methods in this material is optional, it is discussed in a further support period of weekly meetings. The group of past members to have completed the course, though still fairly small, is a valuable asset to have on the messaging service slack, allowing the transfer of ideas from different individuals. Overall, I’m pleased I chose to invest in this education and intend to continue to utilise the group resources to build on what I’ve learned.

Jonny P.

I came across Greg and his Fire Revolution approach at a time where I was  looking for a way to develop a better return on some capital than the banks were offering. I had previously dabbled a bit in buying a few shares with mixed results and had concluded that trying to guess the direction of a share, or the market, was not my strength!

I had a theoretical knowledge of options and understood the power of them but never felt confident enough to dive in and start selling them. Through looking at Greg’s course and talking it through with him it seemed that he had joined up some of the bits I already knew and filled the gaps I clearly needed to fill to become comfortable selling options.

At the end of the course I felt confident to step into the market and start selling cash secured puts as taught. I have started slowly and am now cycling through the Fire Revolution process selling cash secured puts on shares I don’t own and also selling covered calls where I have been assigned shares. I have lost the fear of picking the ‘wrong’ stock, and just sitting waiting for price to recover, as I now have the tools to bring in income even if the stock goes down.

The final benefit is working with a group of like minded individuals, all with differing experience levels, and sharing our journey through the Inner Circle. Being able to share thoughts, successes and learning has been so helpful and the community we have developed continue to be there as we go forwards.

From the excellent content to Greg’s delivery style it has been one of the best training packages I have invested in. I am looking forward to making my money work harder for me and developing my skills further as I apply the Fire Revolution approach.

Mark R.

I had always wondered about Options but thought they would be too complicated for me. As I had followed one of Greg’s newsletters previously I knew his style was very down to earth and I trusted him so I took a chance.

I’m very glad I did, the FIRE system is already working successfully for me and the risk levels are a lot less than I’ve seen in other trading systems. It’s all very logical and I’m very glad I took the course. I would recommend it.

Maurice D.

I have increased my account by £5750 since 1st June (it’s now the 18th June) which is a 5.75% increase. I’m pleased with this as I know I can do better. My work is getting in the way a little and I’ve missed many opportunities to increase this figure significantly. But as an amateur just starting out I’m quite pleased so far.

Its great not to be fearful when you enter the market, even though I could have taken more profitable trades, as having the tools to react to whatever the situation is, is a good feeling. I really enjoyed your course and feel I’m very well equipped to earn a substantial living in the future. It’s been a great addition to the other income streams I already have, and I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to teach me your skills in a very down to earth simplistic way

Mark L.

Bottom line? – well there are two.

Firstly after 82 days running my live GBP account with daily average deposits of £11098 I’ve banked £1504 and counting.  After 37 days running my live USD account with daily average deposits of $8271 I’ve banked $2207 and locked in another $400 not yet settled.  The better US results are from dealing weekly rather than monthly. These average deposits include “idle money” so I probably could have done more, but I’m still taking baby steps and with these results I’m not complaining.

Secondly and perhaps more important I now have and am using the tools to deal with markets going up, down and sideways – I no longer have to worry or use a crystal ball, though I may still have to refer back to the manual :).

Duncan F.

Last couple of meetings have been fascinating.

Earlier in the course you said several times that the ‘complicated’ processes would all slot into place and I was a bit sceptical! However it really is becoming crystal clear and I’m excited about moving forward.

The spreadsheets are very very helpful and powerful.  Thanks once again, your teaching works well for me and the content is outstanding.

Mat B.

I have been investing for a number of years now but without exactly following the science of it all, more of a hunch and my gut feelings rather than anything else. I have not done too bad though but this course will now ensure i make greater returns .

I enjoyed the course and especially the introduction to options and how they work . I intend to use the FR strategy in its simplest form to buy and sell shares that i have knowledge of / or own already to maximise my returns. I will then expand this to other companies i a have an interest in.

I tend to hold shares through their ups and downs but now i have the tools to maximise my returns and have options on their value at any given time.

I do like looking at the different puts and calls and working out what suits me best , i find this fascinating.

In addition the course opened up my eyes to the areas of the technical analysis and now i have become really interested in the MACD histogram and momentum. I would not have used this before but now it helps me such a lot . That’s been a great bonus for me

The course also teaches you how to value or rate shares that you may want to own inside or outside your strategy.

If you had stopped me in the streets and offered me this strategy i would probably have said no.

The course is well presented , easy to understand but detailed and is a very good in respect of the introduction to options .

Robert D.

This is without a doubt the best financial course I have done. Very clear, very down to earth process to make yourself a good regular income whatever your age.

Chris A.

Fantastic course! As a novice, this course built my knowledge about shares, how to identify suitable companies and then how to trade options in an easy to understand format. Course material content is of a high level and even now after finishing, I can access and see any updated or new information. The inner circle where everyone can share trades / ideas or simply ask questions is a great platform for all members during and after completing the course. I highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to build a sustainable income from Option trading

Barry D.

If you are looking for a steady way to develop income using options then I highly recommend looking at Fire Revolution. Greg has an excellent way of developing your knowledge, building confidence to enter the markets and very positive ongoing support arrangements. He is developing a great community of likeminded people who share their journey and experience which has been really beneficial.

Mark R.

A really worthwhile training. A much less risky way of investing in shares than I previously was doing. Also, there is a great community of folks who are putting into practice the processes taught by Greg. Strongly recommended.

John B.

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