The FIRE Revolution On Demand Training Programme

After many years of researching, implementing and writing about income strategies, I settled on the Revolution as my ‘go-to’ strategy for generating sustainable and risk-controlled income from my own, and my client’s nest eggs.

I hold a Level 4 Diploma in Investment Advice (Securities and Derivatives) from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) and in the past I have run FCA regulated services for paying customers to advise them on the best opportunities for making this style of investments.

But nowadays, I just have one focus. I put all my experience and enthusiasm into the FIRE Revolution Coaching Programme.


The programme is broken into 13 logical weekly sections and a set of advanced modules. If you want to complete them quicker, or slower, that’s no problem — you access them ‘on demand’ at a pace that suits you.  But, you are definitely not on your own. We will work together to teach you the exact real-world skills you need to go from novice investor to expert stock option seller. Not just the free content you can pick up on the web, but the essential specifics I’ve learned after slogging away at the coal face for many years.

The content is largely delivered online through a series of videos, written content, diagrams, downloads and assignments. But the true strength of the programme comes from the dedicated support you receive from me and the community of other students and clients who have already completed the programme.

I only work with small groups of clients so that there is always plenty of time for your questions and clarifications. And, having fellow students on the path with you, is a great way to learn together and share ideas. There are no recommendations, but you’ll be amazed at the power of collaboration.

I know from my experience of teaching these strategies in the past that it is not enough just to write about a subject. People want to be shown the exact steps they need to go through to implement a trade. So that’s exactly what we do. We use my proprietary tools and paper trading accounts to practice exactly how to implement the strategy in a simulated environment.

Then, only when you are comfortable with your newfound skills will you actually commit your hard-earned cash.

You can take as long as you wish to work through the On Demand programme and have lifetime access to our dedicated community forum to raise any issues, chat to fellow students, discuss potential trades and ask your inevitable questions. 

Here is a breakdown of exactly what you get in the On Demand programme:

  • Full access to all the learning materials via the dedicated learning platform
  • Instant access so you can begin your journey immediately
  • 13 extra advanced bonus modules to keep you busy once you have mastered the basic strategy
  • Unlimited support via our dedicated Slack channel
  • Lifetime membership of the HQ community forum
  • Upgrade to Group Coaching available at any time
  • £1,750 (inc. VAT)

On Demand Training: The Syllabus

Week 1

Welcome to The Revolution

Week 1: Welcome to The Revolution

  • Understand the syllabus, how the programme will work and how we will communicate
  • Why do you need an income strategy to achieve FIRE?
  • What’s your magic number?
  • How much cash to allocate to the Revolution and other strategies
  • How the Revolution works at a high level

Week 2

Picking the right shares

Week 2: Picking the right shares

  • Why the mainstream approach to share investing is wrong.
  • The basics: Shares, dividends, earnings and so on.
  • The psychology of share ownership
  • Starting a watchlist

Week 3

Fundamental Analysis – Knowing what to buy

Week 3: Fundamental Analysis – Knowing what to buy

  • Key fundamental factors to be aware of
  • Why we prefer dividend-yielding blue-chips
  • Where to find this information and a potential short cut
  • Understand why the actual price of the shares is relevant to the strategy

Week 4

Technical Analysis – Knowing when to buy

Week 4: Technical Analysis – Knowing when to buy

  • What Technical Analysis is, and what it is not
  • Various useful approaches
  • Why you might just want to ignore it
  • Pound cost averaging — an alternative approach

Week 5

Understanding Options

Week 5: Understanding Options

  • What exactly, are puts and calls
  • How to read an options chain
  • Option pricing, volume and open interest
  • The difference between US and UK options

Week 6

Cash-secured Puts

Week 6: Cash-secured Puts

  • Key features of puts
  • All the terminology
  • The factors to consider when selling puts
  • What happens after you sell a put

Week 7

Covered Calls

Week 7: Covered Calls

  • Key features of calls and covered calls
  • The factors to consider when selling covered calls
  • What happens after you sell a covered call

Week 8

Brokers and Accounts

Week 8: Brokers and Accounts

  • The different types of accounts available
  • Factors to consider
  • Pros and Cons of five potential brokers
  • Opening a demo account

Week 9

First Trades

Week 9: First Trades

  • How to place an order
  • Market orders, limit orders, spreads and so on
  • Monitoring your positions
  • Negotiating a better price

Week 10

Comparing Puts

Week 10: Comparing Puts

  • Comparing alternative puts
  • Useful put comparison calculations
  • Using the put analysis spreadsheets
  • Using the portfolio spreadsheet with puts and stocks

Week 11

Comparing Covered Calls

Week 11: Comparing Covered Calls

  • Comparing alternative covered calls
  • Useful call comparison calculations
  • Using the covered call analysis spreadsheets
  • Using the portfolio spreadsheet with covered calls

Week 12

Bringing it all together: The Revolution

Week 12: Bringing it all together: The Revolution

  • How to deal with a falling share price
  • How a campaign works and why they are useful
  • Step by step guide to a Revolution campaign
  • The tax implications

Week 13

What to do if?

Week 13: What to do if?

  • Understanding early exercise
  • Stop losses and why I don’t recommend them
  • How to react in a crash
  • How to react to a dividend cut

And Then…

Bonus Modules

And Then… Bonus Modules

  • Thirteen bonus modules covering advanced topics
  • Rolling your options, spreads, extra protection, ETFs, IV and more
  • You don’t need to know any of this to successfully implement the Revolution
  • But you’ll certainly find it interesting

And Finally...

Head Quarters

And Finally… Head Quarters

  • When you enrol in the programme, you are welcome to join Fire Revolution HQ
  • An online forum restricted to fellow revolutionaries who actively trade the strategy
  • We discuss trades we are making, potential ideas for new positions and other relevant issues
  • No recommendations, just the amazing power of collaboration

Welcome to the Revolution…

The cost for the On Demand training programme with unlimited support is £1,750.

If you are raring to go, please sign up below to begin your journey to financial independence. And don’t forget, if you change your mind for any reason in the first 14 days I’ll refund 100% of your money with no questions asked.