It’s always better to learn as part of a group…

We have recently made a change at FIRE Revolution and gone back to directly teaching small groups of clients how to achieve their Financial Independence using the strategy.

Why? Simply because our experience shows that the clients who really excel are those that work closely and personally with Greg throughout their journey.

Don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly possible to succeed on your own — and many have done so. But I truly believe the greatest success comes when you combine unlimited access to all the great learning materials with the focus and camaraderie of regular small-group Zoom sessions.  These meetings allow you to discuss everything you have learned with Greg and other clients. And of course, to ask those all-important questions.

Indeed, the first step in signing up for the new format is to schedule a One-to-One call with Greg to discuss the programme and see if we are a good fit for each other.

To launch the new format, Greg has recently run a series of webinars that detail why you need FIRE Revolution to achieve your Financial Freedom, the full training package available, and of course the obligatory webinar discount!

To watch a recording please click here and if you want to schedule a chat to discuss the programme further, please use the button below.

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