LIVE: How to earn 4X the income from blue-chip stocks

Join Greg in this LIVE webinar as he explains why the traditional approach to investing in stocks is unreliable, stressful, and risky.

Why? Simply because it is impossible to predict the future!

There is a far better approach using stock options that reduces the risk whilst generating up to 4X the income from each stock, and in any market.

In this webinar, Greg will show you exactly how it works…

Is Stock Market Investing Just Too Stressful?

I have a big problem with the way most people are conditioned to think about investing in the stock market. The media — and most so-called experts — continue to push the view that the only way to make money on shares, is when they go up in value. And investors always lose money on shares when they go down in value. That’s it.

All an investor has to do is consult some charts, pore over the investment bulletin boards, watch CNBC 24-hours a day, follow the latest guru, or even study tea leaves… and shortly they will be rich.

But this approach is never going to work consistently because it requires somebody to predict the future. And that’s impossible.

In reality, folks are simply strapping themselves into a roller coaster and hoping for the best. The stock may go up, but it could just as easily go down, or sideways, or up and then down and back up again.

Talk about stressful, risky, unpredictable, and ultimately unsuitable as a strategy for generating income from the stock market.

There is a far less stressful approach to generating an income from shares…and I’m going to demonstrate exactly how it works in the webinar.

Worried About Your Dividends Being Cut?

Okay, so if trying to make money by predicting the future direction of share prices doesn’t work consistently, what about investing in dividend stocks?

That’s great in theory. Simply buy shares in a good quality company at a fair price, sit back, and relax. Leave worrying about the day-to-day gyrations of the market to the gamblers and speculators and focus on a far more predictable way of generating income from stocks — dividends.

But of course, there is a problem in relying on dividends for income. The board can cut them at any time. For a single stock that’s unpleasant but not the end of the world.

But what if they all get cut at once? Up until recently that was a hypothetical but highly unlikely scenario. Not anymore. When Covid hit in 2020, many of the stalwarts of the FTSE income squad cut their dividends in unison. As an income investor, that was a disaster and underlined the issue with relying solely on dividends for income — you have no control over them.

Luckily, there is a far better approach that does put you fully in control…Join me in the webinar to see exactly how we do it.

Earn 4x The Income From Blue-Chip Stocks

The solution to these stock investment problems is the FIRE Revolution strategy. It uses techniques well known to hedge funds, investment professionals, and knowledgeable private investors overseas. But not — until now — your average UK investor.

It utilises two related option strategies to generate a dependable double-digit income: Selling Cash-Secured Puts and Covered Calls.

Now, I know the word “options” can sometimes freak investors out. But please stick with me. There is absolutely nothing overly complicated or risky about them. They are as easy to trade as stocks. So, if someone has ever bought a share or fund online, they are already halfway there. If not, that’s no problem, I’ll soon get them up to speed.

And — if used as I teach — they are perfectly safe.

By combining these two techniques with a potential increase in the share price and any dividends due, a regular investor can generate 4X the income from some of the biggest most boring blue-chip companies around.

Discover The Investment Strategies The Pros Don’t Want Regular Folks To Know About

In This FREE 45-Minute Training Session Discover How The FIRE Revolution Strategy…

  • Generates a regular dividend-like income (but 15%-25% is quite possible)

  • Only takes a day or so a month to implement

  • Is as easy to implement as a regular ‘buy and hold’ stock strategy

  • Can make money in up, down, and sideways markets

  • Removes the emotion from investing

  • Puts you directly in charge of your finances (no IFA or manager fees!)

  • Can be run from within a SIPP

And it’s not just the theory. Greg will show you exactly how simple it is to implement FIRE Revolution in a LIVE market…

I highly recommend the FIRE Revolution course for anyone wanting to take their investing to the next level

Ashley W.

I made my first trade in April and have already taken enough in premiums to cover the cost of the course

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I now have sufficient knowledge and more importantly the confidence to trade options using the unique investing strategy.

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This is the best financial investing course that I have done.

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If someone is looking for a steady way to develop income using options then I highly recommend looking at FIRE Revolution.

Mark R.

A much less risky way of investing in shares than I previously was doing. Strongly recommended.

John B.

Fantastic course and strategy.

Alex W.

Fantastic course! As a novice, this course built my knowledge about…how to trade options in an easy-to-understand format.

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I can wholeheartedly recommend the FIRE Revolution. Greg has a very effective way of communicating a great way of making income.

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This is without a doubt the best financial course I have done.

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